• About Us


    At West Hills Baptist Preschool and Kindergarten, our curriculum meets and exceeds the guidelines set forth by the Tennessee Department of Education for Early Childhood. Each academic year builds on the previous year through reviewing and then strengthening the concepts and skills needed to be successful in Kindergarten and beyond. Additionally, our staff has developed age appropriate skills lists for each age group. Areas taught include Language Arts (letter recognition, beginning sounds, writing, journaling), Art, Science, Social Studies, Math (number recognition, patterning, one-to-one correspondence), Health and Safety, Show and Tell.

    Religious aspects of our program include prayers before meals, monthly chapel, a Nativity Pageant, literature and music. We provide additional exposure to elementary school routines through our lunchroom, drop-off/pick-up lines and assemblies. Our entire program is designed to help educate your child in developmentally appropriate ways to become a successful elementary school student.


    Our school board is composed of church members. They set tuition, review and set school rules, policies and guidelines. The board acts as a liaison between the school and the church membership.


    Our parent advisory committee is composed each fall of a group of parent volunteers who help with many of our school-wide events. The group meets 2-3 times a year as a whole. Members may join committees to work on various school-wide activities for the children. Some of the events include a fall festival, a silent auction and dinner, Gingerbread Village, Children Around the World, and Week of the Young Child and a golf tournament.


    Security at our school is of upmost importance to us. Our doors are locked at all times. We have installed several security cameras throughout our campus. Guests, as well as parents are identified before allowed to enter the building. Children are signed in and out each day using secure pin numbers that are unique to each authorized adult.

    We are prepared for many types of emergencies including weather related emergencies, health & environmental hazards, and “stranger danger”. We review our emergency policy every year with the staff.